DigiVision Meida

How to get old DigiVision sets to work with Internet Explorer 11

Follow the following steps to get Internet Explorer 11 to behave like Internet Explorer 10 by changing the browser mode.

You will have to follow these steps every time you start Internet Explorer

  1. You first need to open the DigiVision disc manually with Internet Explorer. Start by opening Computer (found in the Start Menu) and right click on the icon that represents the DigiVision disc. Select "Open".
  2. You should now see the files on the Disc. Right click on the HTML file called "cd" and select "Open with ..." then select "Internet Explorer."
  3. With Internet Explorer open and as your active window, click F12 on your keyboard to open the Developer Tools.
  4. A small bar will open at the bottom that looks like this:

    It may also look like this:
  5. Click control + 8 (hold the control key then click 8) on your keyboard to bring up the emulation tab.
  6. Change the Document Mode to 10.
  7. You may have to click a green, right pointing arrow that looks like a play button at the top left of the Developer Tools. The button is circled in the image below.
  8. You cannot close the Developer Tools or DigiVision will stop working. You can unpin the Developer Tools from the main Internet Explorer window so that it does not obstruct your view. Just click control + p on your keyboard then click on the main window to bring the DigiVision lecture to the foreground. Or click the circled button in the image below:

The DigiVision lectures should now work normally. You will have to do these steps each time you open and close the Developer Tools or open and close Internet Explorer. You will not have to do this while switching from one lecture to the other as long as you leave the Developer Tools open.